6 Sessions covering all the critical aspects of your business!

Hosted by Barbara Brindle, VP Career Development 

Today's special guest: SuZan Peltekian & a group of peak performers to discuss mindset/attitude and the impact this has on your life and business! 

1. Shawn Whelan

2. Andrew Beveridge

3. Natalie Lewin

4. Parveen Arora

5. Manmohan Khroud

6. Skyla Hutchins

Looking to take your business & your life to the next level? Look no further. As a real estate professional the first real estate you need to nurture is that of your mind. Once you take care of your inner work, selling real estate and creating happy clients become the byproduct. Want to learn a magic formula? Be ready to be transformed! www.SuperchargewithSuZan.ca 

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Hi! I'm Barbara Brindle

Hi! I'm Suzan Peltekian