Learn how to;


Not just “SET GOALS” but how to “GET & ACHIEVE” the goals you want


Learn how to avoid becoming discouraged while setting long term goals

Learn how to make some goals achievable and how to stretch yourself and not give up on the “hard to reach/difficult goals”

How to set and realistically achieve “Outrageous” goals that can change your life and future

When and how often should you reward yourself

You’ll Receive simple/easy to follow, personalized template on how to set business and personal goals annually, monthly and weekly

Note, this is not a business planning workshop!

Patrick has been setting written goals for almost 30 years on a consistent basis.  He will help you get on track with setting goals and how to stick with them on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

This can and literally will change your life and financial situation…if you stick with it!

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Hi! I'm Patrick Gillis