-A brief history of GST, HST and how it affects new residential real estate

-The definition of NEW construction, differences between Provincial and Federal interpretation and the impact on residential property sales


- The GST/HST New Housing Rebate for Houses Purchased from a Builder

   - who claims the rebate

   - can multiple ownership create issues?

   - ASSIGNMENT and the HST implications

    - what to know if you represent the assignee or the assignor

    - the definition of a builder and some ‘mine fields’ to consider if representing a small builder

The GST/HST New Residential Rental Property Rebate

    - who is eligible for the rebate…are foreign investors and corporations eligible?

   - who must be the first occupant?

    - what must be in place to claim the rebate?


-The GST/HST New Housing Rebate for Owner Built Houses

    - the definition of substantial renovation

   - the difference between being able to claim $16,080 and $24,000

    - what must be provided to claim the rebate and time limitations

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